Tartufi Piemontesi


Osvalda’s Casale in the estate, under the secular oaks trees and the blooming tree nuts are also the famous and precious truffles from Piedmont. The lush perfume that can be smelled walking through the paths of the park, especially in autumn, and ‘a true invitation to look for them.

When it was not yet established the source of the tuber science, combined with folk beliefs, and covered the nose of mystery to the point that no one knew if it was to define a plant or degenerative outgrowth of the soil and some even condemned it to the devil’s food and witches.

Since the XVIII century the Piedmont truffle has been considering one of the finest culinary ingredients and it is for us to let you taste a real pride in its various uses in the kitchen. In Osvaldo Casale can also buy in your home to reproduce the flavors of our land